Number Holder

Number Holder

Number Holder

802001 - with Numbers

Fine 3/8" (9mm) neck strap. Edgestitched.

Detachable girth strap. (Dome attached)

Stainless steel buckles or brass for inhand class can be ordered. Remove the girth strap as required.

Complete with slip in water resistant paper shield and three sets of  vinyl adhesive numbers. You cut and attach the numbers required (stick & peel) and remove and reattach new numbers.

Top picture Pony Holder, Old Brown with white shield & Black numbers.

Bottom picture, Hack Oz nut holder, Black shield with three sets of 0-9 White numbers.

Park Hack is made using the same small size shield as pony size.

A replacement pack consisting of a shield and three set of 0-9 numbers can be reordered for $20.00.

NZD$ 160.00 (inc GST)

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