Pants Belt - Plain Buckle

Pants Belt - Plain Buckle

991212 - Plain Buckle

Belts are 1-1/4" (32mm) tapered to a (25mm) Silver or Brass Plain Buckle.
The belts are made from our Bridle leather, leather lined and edge stitched.

An additional option (ordered separately) is to have a nameplate with your past and present horses names engraved, fitted to your belt. (see nameplates)

Sparrow Belts are custom sized to your required length.
Supply the fitted length required by measuring an existing belt. Include the buckle through to the hole you do up on.(Fitted length)
Supply the fitted length you want the belt made to, in the Special instructions Box under your address details in the secure area of this web site after you leave the shopping basket.

NZD$ 85.00 (inc GST)

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