Nameplate. Halter. One line

Nameplate. Halter. One line

Nameplate. Halter. One line

538406 - Brass engraved nameplate.

Special Notice

 We are no longer taking orders for name plate on their own.

Please continue to order a Name Plate along with a Head Collar, Dog Collar or Bracelet. These will be fitted as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Sparrow Saddlers custom engrave Solid Brass Nameplates to order.

Standard width fits a normal 25mm wide head collar cheek strap. Narrow width is for fine 19mm head collar cheek strap.

Nameplates are supplied with two part Chicago screws, ready for you to fit to your head collar. Or you may have your personalized name plate fitted at the time of ordering a Sparrow Show Halter (See Head collars)

The name can be up to 18 characters long including spaces or hyphens between words. Longer names will have to be split onto a two line nameplate. (see Nameplate Two Line)

Order your nameplate below and supply the name you want engraved on the plate.

NZD$ 25.00 (inc GST)

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