Inhand - Bitless - Young stock

Inhand - Bitless - Young stock

Inhand - Bitless - Young stock

505714 - Plain Brow and Nose band.

Finely Styled with 1/2"(13mm) cheek width and 3/8" (9mm) throat lash.

This Bridle/Halter is designed to lead young horses without a bit, features a detachable chin strap and gullet strap with ring.

The chin strap gives stability to the nose strap and a third ring under the chin to lead off, or may be removed if you prefer to lead with only a chain passed through the side rings.

The raised Nose Strap  is a hall mark design to all Sparrow Inhand Bridles. Plain Raised Browband.Sparrow bridle badges in place of plain Rosetts.

Best quality solid brass hardware.

Check Leads for different choices.

NZD$ 310.00 (inc GST)

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