Inhand -Plain Raised or Plain Flat

Inhand -Plain Raised or Plain Flat

Inhand -Plain Raised or Plain Flat

502534 - 13mm (1/2") Cheeks and Throat Lash.

Sparrow Saddlers Inhand Bridles are designed in keeping with the oldest tradition of English Inhand bridles. Perfectly balanced with near and off side buckles to cheeks, throat, and chin straps. The plain raised browband matching the nose band may be your choice for your young horse?

(We offer Brass brow bands if prefered 502514)

This Bridle is designed to lead Horses with a bit.

Finely Styled with 1/2"(13mm) cheek width and 1/2" (13mm) throat lash.

The gullet strap running between the throat strap and a ring running on the chin strap gives you another option for leading, or may be removed if you prefer to lead with only a Newmarket Chain, Butterfly Lead or straight chain passed through the bit rings.

The raised Nose Strap  is a hall mark design to all Sparrow Inhand Bridles.(Top picture)

Plain Flat Brow & Nose strap an option (Bottom picture)

Best quality solid brass hardware.

Combination "Y" chain and buckle on lead give you the most versatility of leading, either from the bit only, or in combination with the ring running on the chin strap.

The bridle does not come with Bit, Chain, or Lead. 

Check Butterfly leads, and Leads for different choices.

NZD$ 345.00 (inc GST)

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